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What do you want to achieve. Are you getting a lot of likes. New subscribers. Are you attracting people to your site. Increasing sales? Setting a goal is important because it will depend on the type of content you intend to post on Instagram. Who is your audience? Are they young? Adults? What is their daily routine? What are their interests? Whvat is their income? What problems might they have? All this will also help you in planning your content. What do you personally like? Don’t try to create content you don’t like, especially in the beginning. If you’re good at infographics, focus on it.

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Live photos, graphic design, videos, hand drawn images are just some of the other options. What resources do you have? You can create tons of video content, but do you have the right equipment, are you good at iting and other intricacies. You Germany Mobile Number List can advertise, how much can you invest in content creation. How much time are you willing to devote to maintaining Instagram. If you’re a small business, you’ll likely be the only one managing the page. That’s why you most likely won’t have much time for all this. This is important for your initial planning, be honest with yourself.

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Decide quickly how many posts you can reasonably post each day. Did you answer the questions? Is there now at least some understanding of what to focus on? Let’s go then! What to write posts on instagram how to write catchy text How B to B Database nice to text fe Now that’s brief and informative on how to learn how to post on Instagram. An interesting and captivating text has a certain structure. Note! An online course on how to make a website from scratch with your own hands talks about the features of creating interesting texts.

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