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Many novice developers misunderstand the HTML language category. It’s not a programming language, it’s just a markup language. For this reason, you should not use the programming language mention, as it is a misnomer. Who is modernizing HTML? The language was develop by the W C or its full name World Wide Web Consortium, an international organization that remains independent of specific developers. It also publishes specifications, definitions, and standards for HTML. The original and complete specification is available on the official website at the link in English.

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The organization has not complet work on the language on the contrary, it continues to develop it. jQuery JavaScript library for developing interactive web pages This jQuery library course is recommend for beginners and novices who are already Azerbaijan Mobile Number List familiar with the HTML CSS web markup language and the basics of the JavaScript programming language. The jQuery library is a set of ready made JavaScript programming language solutions that will make the work of a web developer easier. W Schools GUIDE Note. A textbook in Russian is currently being develop. HTML Exam Get a Diploma! W Schools Certification SQL Database access language.

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This SQL tutorial is recommend for beginners, those who are just starting to learn SQL for database access. In these lessons, you will only learn the basics of SQL. W Schools GUIDE Note. A textbook in Russian is currently being develop. Exercise B to B Database test HTML Examples You will find over examples in this HTML guide. With the Try It Yourself online itor, you can it and test each example yourself! Jump to the HTML code examples! How to start learning HTML on your own? The HTML markup language is made up of tags. By convention, tags are elements that tell the browser what to display on the page.

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