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You can focus on one channel at first and move to others over time. Everything depends on the industry in which you operate and the time you can devote to running company profiles. Creating an account is not enough. You ne to share your knowlge with your audience by regularly publishing content blog entries, videos, trivia. Give users value, show that it is worth visiting you, because there is always a portion of information they ne waiting for them. This way you will build an engag community. Advertising campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook.

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Ads You can also run paid advertising campaigns on the Internet. Google Ads is us to set up and manage advertisements target at potential customers. With these ads, you will increase traffic to your website or online store. Google Ads campaigns Sri Lanka Mobile Number List are display to users in search results after entering a keyword and on pages belonging to Google AdSense. In turn, Facebook Ads is a system that allows you to create ads to later display them on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and the Audience Network. Ads manager gives you the ability to create campaigns target at select groups of recipients.

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Which increases the effectiveness of activities. In this tool, you have several formats to choose from photo, video, carousel, so you can test and see which one gives the best results. Content marketing and SEO optimization Content marketing is about reaching your audience with content. However, this content must be valuable, it should B to B Database arouse interest. Content marketing consists not only of texts blogs, posts in social mia, e mails, e books or newsletters, but also photos and infographics and various forms of video live broadcasts, webinars, podcasts. Creating a variety of content attracts attention and increases user engagement.

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