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The archive with pirat copies honestly, I did. Both Java and Kotlin are on my list. Half of the books are in English. Here is what I chose and did not make a mistake below links are not referrals Java. Beginner’s Guide. Modern methods for creating, compiling and running Java programs Herbert Schildt. Learn Java Bert Bates, Cathy Sierra. These are very different books. Schildt gives basic knowlge in a classic linear style academic and sometimes dry. Learn Java is a holiday book with fun images, infographics, movable fonts, and a visual storytelling flow.

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I read both books at the same time, they complement each other. Revisiting familiar material from a book while discovering new details from another author has been extremely helpful. How to read? Think slowly, repeating each chapter and even Malaysia Phone Number List paragraphs until you have a complete understanding of what you have read. If there are code examples study until you remember each line. Reading spe is not the same as comprehension spe. It is better to learn a page in a day and thoroughly understand it than to flip through a chapter in an hour, leaving the wind in your head. it is also useful to mark key points with a pencil.

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If you go back to a text you’ve already read to remember something it’s definitely a key passage, circle it. Extensive core library One reason for the widespread use of Java is the huge standard library. Contains hundrs of classes and methods from various B to B Database packages to make life easier for developers. For example, java lang is extend functions for strings, arrays, etc java util library for working with data structures, regular expressions, date and time, etc kava io is a library for file input output, exception handling etc.

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