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Performance evaluation and advertising management. Professionals Textur material without water. You can test your knowlge with quizzes. Flaws Nobody. Contextual advertising in Yandex Direct from Tex Terra training line rub. Well from rub. month Start Anytime, Duration month, lessons per week Format online webinars are held, dz is check, there is a chat of cadets. Features Textra school Course on learnline. ‎How to advertise in Direct from ‎Yandex Duration lessons. Certificaten Training format independent assimilation of the provid material. There are tasks and tests to test the acquir knowlge.

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Training program the course is dicat to the creation and launch of the first campaign in Direct. Suitable for both beginners and advanc users. What are you learning Contextual advertising principles. Selection of keywords. How key phrases affect the Bahamas Mobile Number List effectiveness of advertising. How to plan a campaign budget. Hgow to create and run a campaign. Principles of creating advertising. Requirements for passing moderation. Campaign payment methods. Professionals Real information on the topic. The material is available at any time. A qualitative basis for further work in Yandex Direct.

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Flaws Not found Paid In free access there are articles, videos on contextual advertising. Why, then, do so few become directors? It would seem, take and learn. Here the shortcomings of free tutorials are reveal. No one checks homework, no one checks the project. You should ask about problems in the forums. Wait a few weeks for a response. Paid courses B to B Database provide step by step support and expert guidance. You immiately know what and how to earn. Contextual advertising course from the training center Brunoiam Learn Direct, Google Adwords and web analytics for one price. In the process of work, you will understand and remember your project, even if you didn’t know what YandexDirect was before. Book by Ilya Tsimbalist.

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