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The authors of the course argue that the normal price of an article should not be rubles. But, or more thousand. The course will be useful to those authors who plan to learn how to earn more. I wouldn’t mind finding a job with an agency want to get valuable input from existing commercial copywriters and itors. How to compose emails for email marketing The lesson is devot to the basics of electronic copywriting. In it, the author shares the secrets of creating informative and effective newsletters to increase sales. Your emails will begin to capture the attention of your readers and help create a good impression of the product being offer.

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Short texts are the key to success in email copywriting. Therefore, the author of the video recommends writing briefly, concisely and to the point. Useful Word Chips for Copywriters Kristina Dulneva, owner of Content by the Rules agency, explains how Shandong Mobile Phone Number List to quickly format text in the Word itor, how to set up headings and set macros. You’ll learn what the best font size is, what styles are best to use, how to get rid of double spaces, how to properly align text, what lists are for, and more. You can safely send a well form article to the customer or immiately place it on the site.

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Learn to copywrite for free articles. There are more than enough materials on the topic now, especially on simple aspects of working with texts. Just enter a query in the search for example, How to work with Glavr and study the articles in the search B to B Database results. However, you will have to face significant problems At the top of the search are often articles of a more general nature, rather than detail instructions. You must skim the entire text to find some information in it.

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