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The fact that Imber responds to guest reviews also contribut to the first place in the ranking. See Imber’s profile in the Rating Captain review directory See the full report. Zapiekane – Brzeziny The Zapiekane restaurant offers guests a variety of pizzas, pastas, as well as fish and seafood dishes and many other interesting proposals. There are also new items from time to time. The menu, of course, includes dishes prepar according to Magda Gessler’s recipe, such as tomato cream soup or double layer pizza with spinach filling and long ripening cheese. When it comes to customer reviews and how they are manag.

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Zapiekane is doing really well. This is best evidenc by the rating of., which has been on an upward trend since March. In addition, customers are happy to post longer reviews with photos, which positively affects the reception of the UK Mobile Number List restaurant and encourages them to visit. One of the reviews post on Google In addition, the restaurant responds very quickly to guest reviews on average, responses to reviews appear after two days. However, the restaurant should pay a little more attention to responses to make them more personaliz, which will result in lasting relationships with guests.

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See Zapiekane’s profile in the Rating Captain review directory See the full report. Ustka sardine Ustka Sardynka Ustecka is an intimate place locat m from the fishing port and the sea. The specialty of the restaurant are Polish and Miterranean dishes B to B Database made of fresh and smok fish. What’s more, during the revolution, Magda Gessler, a restaurateur, plac a smokehouse in front of the restaurant, thanks to which the fish smok on the spot became the flagship of the restaurant. The satisfaction of guests is evidenc by a very high rating in Google maps, placing the restaurant in class A on the trust board.

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