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For this reason, the marketing mix concept had to change a bit. There are many variants of it P, P strategies, C in other words, P in the eyes of the consumer, P, and one of the latest is P marketing. A new concept creat by BH Booms and MJ Bitner consists of the base Ps place, product, price, promotion and additional three elements, which gives the P model Physical evidence people Processes process Marketing Mix P Marketing P, application in e commerce. Increase in sales? The updat marketing mix is ​​a model that applies to any type of product.

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An enterprise growing in e commerce can modify this concept to suit its nes, examining every element of P marketing through the lens of digitization, using digital technologies and online solutions. Product The product is an element of P marketing Turkey Mobile Number List containing a detail description of the product. If we are talking about an online product or service, then in this case it is necessary to accurately describe the characteristics from the point of view of selling on the Internet. Before starting the sale, it is worth conducting marketing research and finding out what is the demand for the service or product you offer.

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If your product is popular you can also analyze the methods and places of its promotion among competitors. To be honest, there is one difficulty with selling online and that is not being able to touch the product before buying. The recipient most B to B Database often buys blindly, which is the cause of numerous returns and dissatisfaction of buyers. To avoid such situations, the business owner should describe the product as precisely as possible, talk about its functionality and advantages. In the st century, such a concept as unboxing appear unpacking.

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