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 But first. Let’s hit the basics. What is a course landing page? A course landing page is a conversion-focused page that serves a single purpose: to get And will typically include all the key information  users to buy into your course. This is a page designed to convert visitors into signups.about your course. Plus a clear call to action encouraging them to sign up. Why do you need a landing page for your course? Setting up a one-stop-shop landing page for your course is the most efficient way to convert visitors. By providing them with everything they need to know to get them interested in your course.


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Multiple pages to get all the facts about Switzerland Phone Number Data  your course. A landing page contains the essential info like pricing. Content. Marketing copy. And social proof. By putting it all in one place you’re better able to inform visitors and encourage them to take the plunge. Think about your course landing page like a focused sales pitch: if it works. Customers will go from wondering about your course to making the purchase. What makes a course landing page effective? Simply put. An effective landing page is one that gets users to take the action you want them to take.

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Buying a subscription. Or sharing their  Morocco Phone Number List contact info. A strong course landing page will typically include features such as: all the key information about the course (name. Price. Duration. Content outline. Etc.) a strong headline and results-oriented copy (“you will learn…”) accompanying media. Such as photos and animations user testimonials and social proof Encouraging users to sign up clean. Beautiful design that aligns with your brand image want to see all these elements in action? Let’s take a look at 14 great course landing page examples for a dose of inspiration.

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