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 Written content visual content it may not be unbelievable if we say that visual content is the most important attribute of the final marketing product. It is also believed that people remember information displayed on photos. Infographics and animated posts much longer than text. An integral part of visual content marketing are direct or indirect advertising videos that occupy countless seconds. Minutes and hours of people’s daily lives. Therefore. They play a big role in forming the mood and attitude about the product and service. And finally in making a decision. Content-for-social-media how are results measured? It is often believed that measuring the exact results of content marketing campaigns and activities is quite difficult.


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promotional articles or videos. When the  Oman Phone Number Data company’s awareness is gradually increased over a long period of time. And it is difficult to determine the number of direct conversions if the brand uses other means to attract customers. Despite this. This direction of content marketing does not lose its popularity and plays a fundamental role in forming a loyal attitude. The main measure of success is the end result and the fact that it corresponds to the company’s pre-set goals. That is. Whether ; how much time the user spent on the website; ctr (click-through rate) of the content. Video or link; shares. Likes. Engagement and emotions; how many visitors returned to view the content again; and many others.

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If you are planning to start content Australia Phone Number List marketing in the near future. I will share with you the results of one of the large-scale studies. About 1.500 marketers were interviewed and more than 17.000 marketing positions on international websites of job seekers were evaluated. First. Businesses are increasing their content marketing budgets because they believe it is necessary to achieve goals and fill the board. And this trend will continue in 2021. Blogs remain the most popular form of content in the world. The reason is simple. Blogs can drive organic traffic and generate leads that help businesses reach their goals.

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