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The more of them, the more expensive advertising will cost. At the same time, advertising on Instagram has surpass the promotion of services. On social networks such as VKontakte, Twitter and Facebook in popularity. Many people do not disclose their income, but on average, if a person has half a million subscribers, one post will cost him about thousand rubles. Pricing options vary depending on various factors and the target audience. Not only the number of subscribers is taken into account, but also the activity of users in the form of likes and comments in the publish post.

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Therefore, it is important to maintain contact with the public. Understand its direction, mood and reaction to publications. How much does one advertising post on Instagram cost? How much does an ad plac on Instagram cost? Let’s move on to Macedonia Mobile Number List real examples of how much they earn on Instagram from followers. Ad exchanges are the best way to see real prices. There are several of them Epic Star, Sociate, and so on, in our case, we will use the Plibber service, where the exact prices for advertising are immiately indicat. Here are a few accounts and their prices Luba arkasha, subscribers, price per post, rubles.

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Antonlavrentiev, subscribers, price per post rubles Sambursky, subscribers. The cost of postal services, rubles Namioff, subscribers, price per post rubles Rsenia spring love, subscribers, price per post rubles Art elf subscribers, price per post rubles B to B Database Yulyashatrova subscribers, price per post rubles. As you can see, there is a fairly wide price range here. After analyzing the list, you can understand how many Instagram followers you ne to earn. Tangible amounts start at about subscribers, for some rare topics the numbers can be a little lower. In addition, account holders can often overestimate or underestimate the cost of advertising.

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