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Consumers ne motivation to create content, so to encourage customers to create content, publish their posts with a link on your website and in social mia. Organize a contest. A simple way to use UGC in your campaign and encourage consumers to create content useful in marketing. Create a contest on social mia where participants can demonstrate their skills or share their experience. Give back for creating User Generat Content. Not much in life is free, but you can get UCG without financial reward. Instead, offer rewards, discounts, discounts in exchange for content creat about your brand.

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You can also try sending samples of your products to influencers. Potential customers eagerly use content shar by their favorite people in the digital world. An example of a campaign using UCG When we think of a user generat content Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List campaign, the famous Ice Bucket Challenge action comes to mind. The campaign was viral and pro social. Its aim was to disseminate the problems of people suffering from ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The creators of the Ice Bucket Challange aim to encourage public awareness and raise funds for research into this incurable disease ALS.

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What the Ice Bucket Challenge campaign was all about. The user was ask to record a short video showing him pouring a bucket of ice water over his head. In addition, he was to inform, during this experience, about a website dicat to ALS and encourage viewers to donate money to the foundation. The person then challeng another person to complete B to B Database the task as well. The execution time was limit hours, if the user did not accept or complete the challenge on time, he was ask to donate to the account of the ALS foundation. The IceBucketChallange action was join by the biggest stars of show business, celebrities, actors, musicians, but also politicians.

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