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Brunchwork’s online business course goal: buy the course screenshot of landing page for brunchwork image courtesy of brunchwork brunchwork’s  The page creates an attractive flagship offering. Their intensive business education course. Is a sizeable investment at four figures—by clearly highlighting the course structure. Expected outcomes. Famous speakers. Social proof. And more. Takeaway: use simple and clear copy when in doubt: keep it simple. Silly. Brunchwork adheres to the rule of kiss with clean and unfussy copy.


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The course into just three sentences. When Indonesia Phone Number Data  writing for your own landing page. Follow a similar approach by keeping your copy short and to the point. 4. Code academy’s learn javascript goal: start the course screenshot of landing page for code academy image courtesy of code academy for a topic as technical as coding. Code academy does a great job of building a landing page that’s both easy to understand and visually appealing. Not only do they display a neat example of social proof in the number of students that have enrolled in this particular course Over .

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A course outline (aka syllabus). Code  Poland Phone Number List academy is no different. Breaking down its outline into lessons. Projects. Articles. And even the topic of the quizzes in each module. No surprises here—they make it very clear exactly what users are signing up for. The reason is simple: visitors want to know what they’re getting when they invest either time or money into your course.

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