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In addition to more efficient payment processes, their advantages also include a more comprehensive overview of data. An example of the use of Virtual Cards in marketing is the purchase of online ads, as well as digital products and services such as agency photos, videos, music, etc. Since digital advertising makes up the largest part of many marketing budgets today, a digital payment solution is also requird. Traditional payment methods are often not suitable for the pay-per-performance models of digital marketing platforms.

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The best solution for this are virtual cards with a multi-use function. Because over a certain period of time, they can be usd within whatsapp mobile number list the framework of a limit set by the company until this is exhaustd. A payment confirmation or other interactions are not requird. Reporting also benefits from the virtual cards, because their data transparency ensures significantly better cost control and thus facilitates cost planning and an overview of expenses of any magnitude.

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Ad last but not least: With the use of virtual cards, you always have the certainty that your campaign budget will be adherd to, even B To B Database without monitoring. online marketplaces The reason for the success of online marketplaces like Amazon is obvious: they offer a wide range of products from a wide variety of categories. This increases their popularity for bargain purchases with both private and corporate customers. An AirPlus survey showd that 31% of companies pay with virtual cards in online shops.

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