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There are several reasons It’s strange to spend more time without a prototype. In the early days of my career, after writing the text. I immeiately did the design. I thought it would save me time, but in fact it turne out that everything dragge on even longer, because it’s not convenient. To immeiately find design elements without a wireframe. Problems with the client if you create a custom landing page. It was a situation for everyone. You approve the text and immeiately proceee to design it, you spent a lot of time, you sent it to the client, and he says that everything is wrong and nees to be reone, the text is turne upside down etc.

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This is much more difficult to do when the design is ready than when you have a prototype from text and search. A prototype can be compare to a sketch you make before painting a picture. Few people know how to take paint and immeiately paint a Uganda Mobile Number List picture. So here, too, first let’s make a sketch, let’s see how it turns out approximately, which blocks can be move, eite, integrate or delete text, etc. An example from my case of a prototype and the design made from that prototype. Prototype example Prototype drawing example On the prototype we indicate.

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Text position highlight headings. Where graphics images, icons will be place; Where will the buttons be? On which block the background will be light, and on which dark. Services for prototyping Photoshop. I do it in photoshop. After the prototype has B to B Database been agree with the customer, it is convenient to design from the prototype here. Mockup service. Deicate service with ready-made elements, just drag and drop text. On paper. You can design the prototype by hand if the landing page isn’t complex and you don’t want to worry too much. I always run a prototype on paper, it’s more convenient for me.

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