What Characterizes Brand Marketing

Novice bloggers sum specialists and entrepreneurs. What will you know? How to manage company profiles and statistics, create photos and videos for your blog. What publications to write, why to hold SFS and competitions. Fundamentals of targeted advertising and myths about Instagram. How is the training organized? blocks of home video lessons. Course creators. Hello blogger agency. Teachers. Development Director of SMMplanner and SMM Big Russian Boss Show Pavel Borisov, photographer Irina Gaiduk. Price rubles boyechik Who is it for? Aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs.

The Brand Marketing Strategy

What will you know. How to create content for Instagram, design marketing ad layouts, and set up targeted ads. Develop a blogging concept, work with statistics, attract the target audience. How is the training organized? There are separate courses available on the site for each of the topics. In addition to video lectures, participants have Panama Mobile Number List access to a private Telegram chat on their topic. Course creator. Katya Boytsova is the founder of the Instagram packaging and development agency, a blogger with over, subscribers. Teachers Katya herself, targetologist Alexander Fisenkov, Boyechik work copywriters Sveta Danilchenko and Ksenia Pavlyuchik, and PR manager Anya Ratkevich.

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Is Designed To Create

Price From rub Instagram Guide by Geek. Brains Course duration lessons Training format video course Suitable for Beginners Issuance of certificate yes Free education TOP materials And now let’s look at free materials that will help you promote and earn money on the Instagram social network. In total, we have collected TOP courses. Money in Instagram B to B Database Alexander Sokolovsky “Money in Instagram” is a free online master class by Alexander Sokolovsky. Over slides with unique information. Without water only working tools and advice. Money on Instagram Sokolovsky The master class is held in the format of a live broadcast. On average, it lasts hours. There will also be a Q A section. Who will need Beginners who want to make money on Instagram.

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