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Depending on the appearance of the website. Namely the ease of navigation or unobtrusive. Call To Action, the percentage of sales conversion not only of one product. But also of your company’s goods, decreases or increases. An effective website consists of Appearance consistent with the image of the company. Combining text blocks with graphics Menus and logos. Call to action CTA buttons contact details Website or store regulations. Special offer Promotion activities on the market aim at promoting your products.

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The advertising campaign should be launch after analyzing. The marketing activities of competitors and researching your target group, characterizing the recipient. Once you’ve complet these steps, you’re ready to start choosing the types of ads for Uganda Mobile Number List your business in your online space Static and dynamic banners Email Campaign Newsletter Social mia Instagram. Facebook and blogging PPC Pay per click Google Ads. Facebook Ada SEO optimization Video marketing YouTube, live streams, viral videos Podcasts this is one of the most trending types of promotion PR public relations. Today, a big leap in development has taken place in the field of information technology, namely in Machine Learning, Data Science and Algorithms.

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Thanks to these innovations, advertising and searching for customers has been simplify several times. For example, in social mia Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc algorithms are configur by programmers so that the recipient always gets the content that is most likely to interest him. People The development of technology has also l to the simplification B to B Database of customer communication on online platforms with chat bots that automatically answer the company’s most frequently ask questions. Contact with the customer in the online industry can be completely digitiz, transferr to social networks, e mail, dialogues in comments in special applications. Rating Captain Allegro Google My Company etc.

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