WhatsApp Now Lets You Message Unsaved Contacts

There is no denying that WhatsApp is one of the most, if not the most, used messaging apps, and for all the right reasons. Sure, it is not as quick when it comes to getting new features, but the developers at Meta are making sure that they are adding features that people would actually use rather than making a mix of features that no one is going to remember. The latest feature on the app is going to make it easier for everyone to message unsaved contacts, something that should have been possible a long time ago.

You can now message unsaved contacts on WhatsApp by just searching for numbers

Now, it might look like a small and basic feature, but it will help those who have to deal with unsaved contacts. For instance, WhatsApp number a couple of days ago, I ordered food, and the deliver-person couldn’t get a hold of my location and requested I send him the location on WhatsApp. I had to add his number to my contact list and then send the location. With the new feature, all I have to do is search the number, and it will come up, making it infinitely more convenient.

Thankfully, with the new feature, you won’t have to save a number as WhatsApp will allow you to search for the number that you want to message, and it will start looking for that contact outside the contacts that you actually have saved. Have a look at the image provided by WaBetaInfo.

The good news is that the feature is not exclusive to the beta version of WhatsApp

The good news is that the feature is not exclusive to the beta version of WhatsApp. However, you do need the latest app on either Android or iOS, and it would work just fine. I tried it on my Galaxy S22 Ultra, and it worked just as it was intended to, so the next time you actually want to message someone, you will not have to worry about saving the contact, messaging them, and deleting the contact after you are done with it.

I do understand that this is a rather small change to the app, but I do believe that this is going to make it a lot more convenient for many users, including myself. WhatsApp continuously works on adding new features, B to B Database and we try to stay up to date with all the features coming to the app, so be sure to keep checking back in case you are looking for a specific feature, and we will be sure to let you know whenever we spot it.

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