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Then click on the profile and find the inappropriate post. Press above the message. It’s a threedot icon in the top right corner above every post, and when you click on it, a menu pops up. Click Complain. Select one of the options This is spam or This is not acceptable. If the message contains offensive or pornographic material, click This is not acceptable. If the message is trying to sell something, click This is spam. What kind of support does Before contacting Instagram technical support, the user must know the rules for writing an appeal, the list of problems to be solve.

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For example service technicians do not comment on upcoming updates or feature additions. List of issues resolve by the support service the account is blocke or hacke; financial questions about shares; technical failures and errors that occur regularly; setting Venezuela Mobile Number List notifications and access to the page; learn more about company profiles. You can create a case in the web version or navigate using your mobile. Another more complicate way is to contact via Facebook. Since both social networks are dependent on each other, the user can ask a question in the Facebook chat.

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How to contact by phone It would seem that a contact phone is the fastest and easiest way to get help. But he is not on Facebook or Instagram. Attention Users who nee help should be careful with the phrases Instagram support number in Russia. The B to B Database combination of numbers can be paid or completely collect information about the caller. Where to turn if you nee an urgent answer Facebook chat. To do this, your Instagram profile must be connecte to Facebook. To contact in real time and get a response Log into your personal Facebook profile. In the upper right corner there is an icon with a question mark Report a problem.

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