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Although PapryczkaBeauty pl does not have many reviews in Google’s business card, it is rank second, thanks to a high average of. In addition, the final result was strongly influenc by the fact that the salon respond to as many as of opinions including all negative ones. Responding to customer feback is extremely important, shows respect and helps build lasting relationships. It is also worth shortening the reaction time so that potential customers can immiately see that the company cares about relations and its image. See Pepper Beauty’s profile in the Rating Captain opinion directory Opinions appear more and more often in the company’s business card in the last quarter there were reviews.

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This is an important issue showing potential customers that the company, despite small slips, still performs services at a high level. See the full report. Happy Clinic Happy Clinic, apart from aesthetic micine treatments, also offers the Dubai Phone Number List services of an immunity building clinic, a psychological clinic, metamorphosis and training for doctors. The average rating and the number of opinions in the company’s business card qualifi the clinic to class B on the trust board. Unfortunately, the company has only receiv opinion in the last months.

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It is worth remembering that the minimum number of new reviews is per quarter. That’s why we recommend implementing a customer feback strategy. Certainly, in the first place, it is worth starting by inviting regular customers to share their B to B Database opinion. See Happy Clinic’s profile in the Rating Captain review directory Happy Clinic receives reviews with an average of letters and this is the best result among all the companies analyz. Since customers are so eager to share longer reviews, it is worth encouraging them to post photos as well. See the full report.

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