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Choose a posting time and try to post new stories on time so that people don’t miss the poste polls. Illustrations When voting as a couple, be sure to provide photos of these items. It will be easier for the user to present items and make choices. Simplicity Don’t ask difficult and difficult questions. Insta Stories are designe for quick assimilation of information. Create polls by type yes no, like dislike, like dislike, and you will get much more response. Participation Post statistics from previous polls and share with your followers how polls affect you.

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This will help users understand the importance of feeback, and they will be more willing to share it with you. I mean Before a big poll, post a story asking you to vote. Subscribers will feel that their voice is important to you, and they will not Dominican Republic Mobile Number List remain indifferent. Interesting ideas for stories on Instagram Everyone is now creating polls and asking questions for Instagram stories. Therefore, the main task is to stand out. Do not be afraid to touch on sharp, paradoxical or original topics. You can also slightly shock the audience within the limits of decency, of course.

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Questions in stickers Questions in Instagram stickers The interview format is always interesting to the public. People like to be aske for their opinion or advice. Unusual and interesting questions require the same answers. Subscribers will have B to B Database to think about it, and the account will stick in memory, standing out in a series of fees. Creating sticker questions is a handy option for Instagram stories you don’t have to think about the form, it’s already provide. All attention can be paid to the content of the questions. Examples of using stickers with questions. Invite followers to ask the account owner about a specific area of ​​expertise.

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