Can I Do Affiliate Marketing With My Phone

Display next generation image formats Replace PNG or JPEG image file formats with Webby and AVIF for better compression. Ruce initial server response time Keep the server response time for the main document on the page as short as possible. Restrict unaus CSS Restrict unaus rules from stylesheets and delay loading of CSS code. Minify JavaScript Avoid displaying legacy JavaScript in modern browsers Use a modern JavaScript deployment strategy bas on detecting their “module” and “comodule” attributes. Summary. When optimizing a website, you should not forget to take care of the page loading sped.

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So regardless of whether you deal with it yourself or your website is under the care of an agency, it is worth remembering that it should be primarily user friendly. It is therefore worth making sure that the potential customer not only finds what he is looking for on our website, but also that he does not get discourage by waiting too long. You should Cameroon Mobile Number List also remember to analyze each type of subpages separately, such as home page, categories, products or blog entries. Most often, each type of subpage uses different templates and may have different problems. Traffic Trends on Google Top Partners Roundtable Company minute reading Traffic Trends on Google Top Partners Roundtable.

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The Traffic Trends team spent the last day of January in Warsaw. We took part in the Top Partners Roundtable meeting organiz by Google. The purpose meeting was to summarize some organizational changes and focus on future, ambitious goals. The meeting B to B Database was attend by representatives of the top ten digital marketing agencies from Poland. It was all the nicer to have your representative in the room in the form of CEO, Paweł Jozi. The meeting was relat to some organizational changes due to the dynamic development of the market in Poland, our country was separat in the structures of Google from the current area.

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