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Corporate image is the way in which a given brand functions in the minds of customers. It arises primarily as a result of contacts with a given company, it is a component of our experiences and ideas about it. In a broader sense, the image of the company is also contained in the culture of the organization, it finds its image in its visual identification. While building a positive image of the company, they try to effectively manage the brand’s reputation, but it is in the hands of customers that the final assessment of the company’s image lies.

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To sum up, building a brand image consists of conscious activities of the company itself, which lead to increasing its recognition and building positive associations with current and potential customers. On the other hand, image is the perception Lebanon Mobile Number List of the brand by customers based on their interaction with the product or service. How to build a positive company image? When building a competitive advantage, companies must not forget about defining their own identity and values. It is about the intangible aspect of the company the way we talk about our product or service.

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It turns out that consumers are more likely to come into contact with brands that share similar values. So how do you define a consistent brand image? You should start with the foundation of image building defining the company’s mission and vision B to B Database as well as its goals. It is also the moment of answering the question of what distinguishes our company from the competition. Once we understand what values ​​​​make us unique in the eyes of customers, we still need to look closely at the target group itself. Understanding its needs and motivations is the final step in creating an effective marketing strategy.

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