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Customer value is measur not only by generat revenue, but also by positive opinions. Customer opinions about the online store. The process of making online purchases is specific, because each customer is only a click away from changing the store. Customer opinions about an online store may relate to various stages of the customer’s purchase. At the stage of making a choice, the compliance of the description on the website with the product actually receiv can be assess. Then, the opinion may concern the delivery time, and then the way of dealing with complaints and making refunds for a product that did not meet the customer’s expectations.

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It is also worth noting that the opinions and comments of Internet users have a significant impact on purchasing decisions at the stage of searching for information about the product and considering purchase alternatives. Therefore, posting Singapore Mobile Number List comments from previous buyers of a given product or a customer serv by a given company increases the likelihood of making a purchase. Regardless of the efforts of the company, there will always be situations where negative feback will appear. Even crible stores have of unflattering comments.

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In the case of negative opinions, it is a good strategy to include a company response, indicating the actions taken to change the company for the better. That’s why customer feback is so important. I will also add that negative comments make B to B Database other opinions on the site crible. According to the recommendations of specialists, when a negative opinion appears, you should analyze the reasons for the negative comment. Place an accurate and factual entry as soon as possible apologize and offer a solution to the problem. The Rating Captain application can help with this, thanks to which all such negative and positive opinions are collect in one place and automatically analyz by a special algorithm.

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