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From our findings so far it appears that companies. Itorial note offer to create fake reviews in bulk without any contact with the product or service being assess comment UOKiK. Google My Business review cost The point was that when a business was just starting its adventure or had too many negative reviews on Google My Business or want to look crible and be display high in search results it bought fakes. He couldn’t remove negative reviews or use his wand to make Google Maps reviews suddenly appear. Lazy companies, instead of obtaining Google reviews in a legal way using an application such as ours simply li to customers in real life.

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Buy Google My Business reviews. After all the customer will click anyway. And inde, for a while they succe. Over a period of time, these purchas Google reviews have help many businesses strengthen the position of the Google listing and location Nepal Mobile Number List of operation; be high in search results; become authentic with the power of stars. However On the other hand, the same bought positive Google reviews spark action breaking a lot of laws; subject to heavy fines ; violating the rules of the Google business card as well as the general rules of.

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Google deceiving their customers and other users. About products or services; permanently damaging the company’s reputation among users; destabilizing the development of the company in Google, because if it is detect such Google opinions will be B to B Database remov. Whether to buy a Google My Business review Earn positive grades for this lesson, not a lesson for grades Does it pay off? So much nerves and damage for unreliability? Because to sum up you can’t it reviews on. Google and you can’t delete. Google reviews, but you can expose yourself to great mental and material costs.

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