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Of course respond to all reviews you receive, including keywords in your response whenever possible. Make your business card more attractive by adding photos to it It’s a good idea to enrich your company profile by adding multimedia to it presenting products and services. What’s more, regularly adding photos and videos positively affects positioning in Google Maps. Remember to include your logo to increase brand recognition on Google. Also add photos of the company from the outside so that customers can easily find it.

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As well as photos of the interior or a virtual walk so that customers can feel the atmosphere and see the company’s decor. It’s also worth posting photos of the band. Services and products The Google My Business listing also allows you to add Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List services and product carousels. In your business card, you can create a catalog of all products, divide them into collections, add a title, photo, unique description up to characters and a link. Products will be visible in the form of a carousel on both phones and computers. This form significantly makes the business card more attractive and increases the CTR.

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According to Google’s recommendations, it is worth creating at least collections with at least products in each. Business card optimization may also include adding services to it. This option can be chosen by both establishments serving drinks and meals, as B to B Database well as service companies hair salons. However, added services will only be visible on the mobile version of the business card. Positioning a business card in Google Maps a summary In order for the Google My Business listing to be displayed high in search results, many elements must be taken into account and each of them taken care of. Correctly filling out.

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