An additional benefit will be the improvement of relations with your customers. And the creation of a group of loyal consumers who will spread the good news about your products via social mia. Nothing attracts brand interest like user generat content. A greater number of mentions, opinions and comments always positively affects the positioning of the brand in the search engine. It is worth using generat mia to support natural link building, which will increase visibility on Google. UGC can help with your SEO efforts.


Comments under blog entries contain keywords that position your website in a high position in search results and support organic traffic. How to get User Generat Content? Unfortunately, User Generat Content cannot be creat on your own as a brand. For this we ne dicat users who will passionately talk about your brand online. So how do we encourage users to create content about our brand? Using UGC can help when creating marketing campaigns. What to do to infect our consumers with motivation to create content? Analyze what Internet users say about you. Start by searching for mentions of your business on Google.



Pay attention to comments, reviews and discussions on social mia. Don’t skip hashtags, forum questions, or brand posts. You can also use special tools such as Brand, which are us to inform about new content. Make sure the commenting option is available. This will allow you to share your experiences relat to the brand. Internet users will be able to share content about their own feelings, which is very crible content. Collect opinions and use them to promote your offer. Respond to comments on an ongoing basis, which will encourage others to leave feback and you will be able to use them in marketing activities.

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