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Eshop and the automation of the process of gaining customer opinions. You can automate the process of obtaining positive reviews about products in the store using the Rating Captain tool. The application allows you to automatically send invitations asking for opinions of users. Who have used the offer in your e shop. Once you’ve collected enough reviews, it’s a good idea to display reviews on your e commerce store’s website. You can do it in the form of a widget on the product card, what’s more, such a procedure will contribute to increasing visibility in search and positioning results, because customer reviews contain naturally placed keywords and preserve authentic statements.

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Customer opinions and the Omnibus Directive. We have already listed several reasons confirming the validity and importance of collecting opinions about products in an online store. Opinions can be obtained in many ways, but it must be done in 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers accordance with applicable legal regulations. In January, the EU Omnibus Directive entered into force, which enforces specific behavior in the world of e commerce and indicates how to obtain opinions honestly and at the same time not hinder adding opinions. The directive imposes an obligation to inform whether the given opinions about.

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Our online store have been verified or whether they come from real consumers. Opinion manipulation is strictly forbidden. It is mandatory to display both positive and negative comments on the store page. Summary Consumers are looking for B to B Database confirmation of the rightness of their choice of a given product based on the opinions of other customers. The most attractive products from the offer are those that have a lot of added consumer opinions, they convince the customer to buy. Positive comments increase the trust of potential customers and thus increase sales.

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