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First of all, take care of the product descriptions. Which should present all the information relevant to the consumer that will help him make a purchasing decision in the e shop. A very good idea will be to use video marketing for product presentation. Also remember about the importance of customer reviews they should be an important part of the description of each product in your store. How to get reviews online and offline? Since reviews play such a big part in the buying decision process, you can probably guess that it’s worth getting them both online and offline. But how to do it and how to analyze the opinions obtained.

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Of course in the case of online sales, the matter is much easier there are many effective ways to collect customer feedback. One of them is emails where the store invites the customer to leave a review. In this way, you can collect opinions both about the Kuwait Mobile Number List company and about specific products ordered by the customer. Short SMS messages are also an effective method, so if you also have their phone numbers in your customer database, try this option as well. An interesting solution are pop ups that are displayed to the customer on the order summary page. Of course, at this point.

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The request for an opinion should be formulated in a slightly different way, it is worth asking, for example, about satisfaction with the shopping process. In the case of a stationary store, the way of collecting opinions looks a bit B to B Database different. It’s definitely worth considering what you want to achieve. Perhaps you want to know the opinion of customers to introduce changes in service standards, then you can use ordinary printed satisfaction surveys. However, if you care about collecting opinions on your company profiles, use stickers with QR codes.

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