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Course creators. Junk Reality are VR AR multimia content professionals. Among the services of the agency the creation of D laser tours, interactive applications for touch screens, websites, applications, masks and games in social networks. Teachers. D designer and developer Vladimir Gololobov, co founder of Junk Reality Nikolai Nikolenko and others. Price From rub. Synergy Digital Academy profitable Instagram from scratch Who is it for? Students, novice marketers and businessmen. What will you know.

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Target audience and Instagram user profile. Creation of visual content, photos and videos. Automation of publication, mechanics of drawing and distribution of gifts. Profile analysis and social mia apps for companies. How is the training organiz? blocks and video lessons, access to which is valid for weeks. Additional tests and materials are available after each lesson. Curat support with the purchase of an advanc plan. Course creator. Business Poland Mobile Number List School Synergy. Teachers Dmitry Kudryashov, author of the Instagram Administrator bestseller, Konstantin Eremeev, photographer, Valentin Vasin, head of SMM & Mia Hub of Sberbank, Sergey Shcherba, head of SMM Synergy Digital, and others Price.

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From rub Promoting an Instagram account from scratch training line rub. Well from rub month Start Anytime, Duration weeks, lessons per week Format online webinars are held, dz is check, there is a chat of cadets Features Textra school Course on learnline. Stylish Instagram The author promises to teach how to create stylish accounts using free mobile applications, without Photoshop. The course lasts weeks. You will receive video lessons and homework B to B Database assignments that you can analyze with your teacher. Classes are conduct by designer Anastasia Pushkar. He has, subscribers. Professionals Against Experienc teacher Personal assistance of the author of the course is paid separately Course Completion Certificate For everyone who wants to learn how to beautifully design Instagram accounts.

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