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What do you personally like. What resources do you have. How much time are you willing to devote to maintaining Instagram. What to write posts on instagram how to write catchy text Start Introduction. Connect a friend. What to post about and how to find topics for posts. There are great ideas Content plan instruction template. A moment of conversation about the format What to write posts on instagram types of posts Who is your target audience? Draw a portrait of your target audience Tips for the artist What will the content plan give you? Step by step instruction Niche and competitor analysis.

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What exactly is analysis What else can you do to know with confidence what to post about. Create a TOP or hit parade Tips for a Beginning Blogger How to be a photographer. What to write to a networker? Schule your stories on Instagram Story Dubai Phone Number List plan concept Collection Instagram post topics for a personal blog You don’t ne to create a commercial account and sell anything, you can just share your opinion with others, express your thoughts and shoot entertainment content. With a large audience, a blogger can monetize their account and earn passive income using their popularity.

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But of course, blog post topics ne to be interesting and useful in order to earn a good reputation on Instagram and win the love of followers. Unfortunately, it is difficult to come up with ideas for publications on your own, because over B to B Database time the creativity of the blogger will dry up, and the interest in maintaining an account will disappear due to the lack of topics to publish. Possible topics for personal blog posts Food and Cooking If a blogger doesn’t have a specific topic for their account, you can create a weekly section where followers are told about delicious meals made from familiar foods.

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