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There we will see a section under the name improved conversions, when we display it, we can click to enable them improved google ads conversions In the third step, the configuration of our Google Ads conversion tracking tag and the method through which we have configured it come into play In addition, it will also depend on our CMS Set up enhanced conversions with GTM If you’ve set up your conversion tag through Google Tag Manager, you’ll need to select this option In Tag Manager, when you see that tag already configured, the section Include data provided by users from your website will appear.

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We must select this and add the variable that collects the customer’s email data improved google ads conversions Set up enhanced conversions with Shopify If your CMS is a Shopify, you are in luck, because the creation of improved conversions will be very simple, and you will not have to leave the Google Ads environment We leave you the step by USA Phone Number List step to convert a Google Ads conversion into an improved conversion Turn on enhanced conversions for that conversion event Select Google Ads or GTM tag unless your conversions go via API Select manual configuration and Enter JavaScript or CSS selectors For each type of information select the following.

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Postal address e city improved google ads conversions Verify that enhanced conversions are working There are several ways to verify that enhanced conversion tracking in Google Ads is working correctly From the conversion overview You can verify it by going to the conversions section within your Google Ads account, there, next to the configured B to B Database events, you will see the status column If the message recording conversions appears, it means that your event is working correctly If you hover over that message recording conversions you will see a dropdown that tells you if the conversion action is active and collecting improved.

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