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Juno testers do simple jobs and learn a lot to take them to the next level of research. To do this, you must definitely have a preparation plan, and then you can become an intermiate tester or even a technical leader of the QA team, but that’s another story. And how much can you earn on software testing. On freelancing, that is, on crowdfunding platforms, focus on the amount from to dollars per month. As I wrote above, the “trick” mainly depends on the quantity and quality of the errors found.

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That is, you can often work, work and get butter cookies Although sometimes there is freelance work with payment for the work and not for the errors found. But if you go to work in the state, then there are already more serious salaries. Data for Estonia Mobile Number List now in Russia For manual testers Specialist level Average salary Trainee Trainee RUB, Junior Junior rub middle rub Ag people RUB, Conduct RUB, For automat testing specialists Specialist level Average salary Trainee Trainee rubles Junior Junior RUB, middle RUB Ag people RUB, Conduct rubles So, everything is in your hands.

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By the way, salaries are higher in foreign companies. Software Testing Simple Software Quality Assurance QA by Udemy Duration hours. Certificate n. Learning format viewing lessons without assignments and reviews. Training program The course is present in English and is intend for beginner testers. It will also be useful for graduates B to B Database of specializ universities and people who do not have experience in the field of IT, but who want to try their hand in this direction. What knowlge and skills will you gain General understanding of testing principles. Using JIRA and Zephyr tools. Working with test cases and error cases. Main types of tests. Understand the quality control process.

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