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Calculate how much you pay per subscriber. Top ways to make money on Instagram with your followers Partnership programs Sale of advertising posts Promoting your business. Selling an account Earnings on tasks. How many subscribers do you ne to start earning. Rubles per month Potential earnings depending on the number of subscribers and niche. What should a blog be about Where to start right now What you ne to do to have a lot of subscribers Cheat subscribers manually History of success How much money can you make on Instagram Ways to make money on Instagram How does the level of income depend on the number of subscribers Proportional dependence of income on the number of subscribers Step.

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Serious shenanigans with statistics Free account promotion An example of a golden niche How much do you earn from advertising on Instagram To answer this question, it is enough to carry out simple calculations. According to marketers, the Luxembourg Mobile Number List average cost of one post is about rubles for every subscribers. Thus, an account with, subscribers can bring, rubles from an advertising post, publishing at least posts a week will get about, rubles a month a fairly affordable goal for most accounts. Often, the demand for advertising can be higher as a result, and the income higher.

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Some bloggers publish publications with advertisements daily, which can bring, rubles a month. Important note The above calculations are approximate and refer to honestly promot accounts, without bots. Different topics business, sports, beauty B to B Database and fashion may have different prices, as well as the number of potential advertisers. In general, the amount of earnings varies from a couple of thousand rubles and almost to infinity. It depends on the presence in the mia of the person advertising the products and the number of his subscribers.

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