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Loyalty Here, take care of both your regular, loyal customers and new ones. Direct campaigns to regular customers, prove to them that they are important to you with personaliz offers or free samples. With new customers, you can use a loyalty program that will attract and retain a potential customer. Clearly communicate the rewards for participating in the program this will increase the motivation to participate. Build a community By using social mia, connect with your audience, thanks to this you will also increase the lifetime value of the customer.

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What’s more, such activities will positively affect customer loyalty. If you properly adjust the content and social mia channels, the potential customer will be more likely to stay with you for longer and will closely follow your company’s social mia profiles,. Don’t end the relationship too soon An important factor in maximizing customer lifetime value Nepal Mobile Number List is after sales service. Take care of the customer throughout the duration of the relationship, not only until the purchase of a given product. Ask the customer for feback. You can use tools that automate this process, such as the Rating Captain app. Make sure the package has arriv and the customer is happy.

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Thanks to this you will increase trust and win over a group of returning customers. Rate this article The average rating of this post is. How to get opinions about e commerce products? Opinions about products in the online store Rating Captain minutes B to B Database of reading. How to get opinions about e commerce products? Opinions about products in the online store. Contents Why get product reviews and e commerce reviews. How to get positive opinions about products in an online store. Why are good product reviews important. Social Proof of Rightness User community and customer feedback.

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