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We ne to create fake accounts. Men are better suit to attract girls, women are better suit to attract men. But not always. It will be very good if you have not one computer at home, but two. For example, your and your mom girlfriend boyfriend. If not, then, of course, there is no ne to buy it, because here we are talking about how to promote a group in VK with your own hands step by step for free. But no one said that it would be without hemorrhoids. Spy games creating fake accounts So, let’s take the first computer, open a browser, such as Mozilla, and register the first profile. Then open another browser, such as Yandex or Opera, and register a second profile.

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Browsers must be different. And in which browser you creat the profile, it works in that. You yourself will not get confus and VKontakte will stop being bann for various bad actions from his point of view. Next, we take the computer of your mother, grandmother, girlfriend, boyfriend and, attention !!!, connect it to the mobile Internet, and not to Find Your Phone Numbers the home one. Almost all smartphones are now able to distribute Wi Fi. We ne these manipulations so that your accounts have different IP addresses. And repeat the steps to create accounts. Also, you will ne to enter profiles on this computer only through the mobile Internet.

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Instructions for filling out accounts. The name and surname of the fake account must be similar to the name of a real person. Those Tractorina Kamazovna will not race, but Marivanna Petrova will be much better. Photos should be real, normal people, not models. It is better if you find them in foreign social networks or insta. I don’t think that the B to B Database owner of the photo will experience otherworldly joy when he sees his photos in someone else’s account. It is necessary to fill in ucational institutions, different interest groups, music, photos. Repost some communities or post your own. In general, to mimic the activities of a real person. 

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