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Tangible certificate It seems that a tangible certificate is a concept unrelat to e commerce. In fact, there is no physical proof of the quality of the product online, because we cannot touch it and see it live. But even this element can be implement in the digital world. The tangible evidence that the customer sees and views before converting is primarily reading comments. of shoppers check reviews before ordering a product or service online. Importantly, feback should be both negative and positive. Unfortunately, the lack of comments results in a huge loss of potential recipients.

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Today every online business must be register on at least opinion forming platforms Google, Facebook, Opineo, etc in order to develop successfully and not die among the competition. To simplify the management of these platforms Slovenia Mobile Number List special feback monitoring tools have been creat, where you can collect comments from various places, respond to them, track statistics and improve customer service. One of the most popular opinion management apps is Rating Captain. In this application, you can not only collect opinionsand ratings, but also track what customers most often complain about and what they are delight with.

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There is also an option to add widgets that are display on the websites of online stores. Showing the rating in Google Maps or other services, as well as recent comments. What is extremely important, Rating Captain complies with the provisions of the Omnibus Directive. Another evidence directly relat to the presentation of the product are videos B to B Database and photos, both professional and taken by customers. User Generat Content can be a very strong proof of validity it is advertising the company through content creat by customers. Users are happy to show, most often on social networks, how they use the company’s product or service, leaving honest ratings and comments.

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