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Including e mail invitations and text messages sent after the order is deliver or the service is complet, stickers with QR codes glu in visible places in the company’s branch or deliver with the shipment, as well as pop ups and an evaluation form on the product page. It is best to test different solutions. because different methods work well in each industry. The most important thing, however, is to choose a way that will allow you to link the feback with a real customer. For this purpose, you can send messages containing a link directing to the place where the opinion is issu. Another solution is to make it possible to add a rating only to logg in users.

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You can also add a requirement to enter your order or reservation number in the evaluation form. However, that’s not all, entrepreneurs should also provide information on how reviews are process. for example, whether all reviews, both positive and negative, are post, whether these reviews are sponsor, where they are taken from, how their Macedonia Mobile Number List average is calculat. This information should be locat in the same place where consumer opinions are publish on the page of a given product these may also be visible hyperlinks. The place where you can post information about the method of processing opinions is the regulations of the store or website.

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It is worth bearing in mind that the above mention issues are extremely important because they confirm the company’s transparency. which is emphasiz in particular by the Omnibus Directive. What about control? In the event of a possible inspection B to B Database by the President of UOKiK, the entrepreneur presenting opinions on the website will have to prove that he made sure that the display reviews come only from real customers. In order to avoid penalties for oversights, companies should implement solutions that will confirm the authenticity of reviews.

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