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 She helps tech companies and startups develop awesome content Writing or thinking about writing  for their blogs. Websites. And social media. When she’s not . Emily can be found chilling on her yoga mat. Loitering in bookstores. Or exploring the city with her super cute (and super spoiled) corgi. Wilbert. » more blog posts by emily bauer author image paul park paul is a writer on unbounce’s content team who lives and breathes storytelling. (it’s like oxygen but with better plotlines!) ask him what he’s up to at any given moment and you’ll get answers ranging from folding paper dragons (y’know.


 Origami to catching up on the

Latest cool tech. And finding other ways Canada WhatsApp Number Data  to channel his inner geek. » more blog posts by paul park while building excitement for future events is easier said than done. to action (cta). Your event landing page can take visitors from “that looks kinda neat” to “I can’t miss out on this!” what is an event landing page? Before we go any further. Let’s make sure we’re all on the same (landing?) page: so what exactly is an event landing page? In general.

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 A landing page is a page that

Visitors “land” on after they’ve clicked Australia WhatsApp Number List through from an online ad. Tapped on a social media post. Or entered the url from a paper poster you taped up on the neighborhood lampposts (hey. Whatever works!). A good landing page should be laser-focused on just one single goal: getting the visitors to take the action you want them to take. When it comes to events. That action could include buying tickets. Registering. Providing their contact info. Or subscribing to your newsletters about the event.


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