Use WhatsApp on All Your Devices

Being able to finally use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices, including other phones, is extremely convenient. The updated Linked Devices feature now makes it possible for you to not only text but also video and voice call your contacts on WhatsApp without having to carry around your primary phone everywhere.

Surprisingly, the experience of using WhatsApp on a companion phone isn’t as bare-bones as you would expect. In fact, on certain devices like your laptop, you might even be able to take your texting experience up a notch with a few tricks.

WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks All Users Should Know

Here are several useful WhatsApp number tips and tricks, whether you’re a beginner or experienced WhatsApp Web user!

WhatsApp Web is the easy way to use WhatsApp on any computer in the world, as long as you have your phone to sign in. Once you know how to use WhatsApp Web on your PC, these tips and tricks will make using the platform even easier.

Now that you know the basics of WhatsApp Web, including what it can and can’t do, it’s time to enhance your experience with some simple tips and tricks.

Learn WhatsApp Web's Keyboard Shortcuts

In order to take full advantage of using WhatsApp Web on your computer, B to B Database you need to learn some keyboard shortcuts. These can make you a typing ninja who does everything a bit faster.

Here’s a list of keyboard shortcuts that work in WhatsApp Web:

  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + U: Mark as unread
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M: Mute
  • Ctrl + Alt + E: Archive chat
  • Ctrl + Alt + Backspace: Delete chat
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P: Pin chat
  • Ctrl + Alt + / (forward slash): Search
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F: Search chat
  • Ctrl + Alt + N: New chat
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N: New group
  • Ctrl + Alt + P: Profile and About
  • Ctrl + Alt + , (comma): Settings

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