How to Use WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp has been testing out some new ways to format your texts, namely code blocks, quote blocks, and lists. The handy formatting tools are finally rolling out to Android users on the beta branch after iOS got first access, allowing Android users to upgrade their WhatsApp game as well.

With these three new additions, WhatsApp now offers 7 ways to format text in all. While some of these formatting options are quite obvious and can be accessed by simply selecting the text you wish to stylise, others are not. Below, we list all the ways you can play around with text on the app.

Code blocks: Perfect for organising code snippets

The code block feature allows you to display code and other monospaced fonts in a clean, WhatsApp number organised block instead of endless jumbled lines in a chat. To use it, simply wrap your text in backticks (`). You’ll know it worked when the text shifts to a monospaced font.

Code blocks come in handy when you need to neatly share code snippets with developers, format terminal output and other monospaced text – or simply emphasise words with a different font.

Quote blocks: Reply ‘directly’ to messages

The quote block is the perfect way to directly respond to a specific part of a message, B to B Database creating the WhatsApp version of replying directly to a tweet. To use it, just put a > before the text you want to quote.

Quote blocks help when you want to reply directly to part of a long message, keep chat threads easy to follow visually, and call out specific text while still giving context.

Lists: Organise information neatly

The new list formatting options help you neatly present information in clean numbered or bulleted lists instead of long blocks of text.

To make a bulleted list, start each line with a * or – like:

– First item
– Second item
– Etc.

For a numbered list, start lines with a number:

1. First item
2. Second item
3. Etc.

Lists help keep your long messages organised when you need to provide instructions, outline task items, list pros and cons, or present choices/options.

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