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Useful, and at the same time concise articles iting or how to make text lively and catchy The lesson is devot to the technique of text iting. You will learn how to simplify material by breaking up sentences, eliminating abstractions, and replacing long words. You will also learn why passive speech, intensifiers and adverbs should not be us, how to replace complex pricates and verbal nouns, how to get rid of clichés and stationery. Your articles will become lighter, prettier and more readable. Learning to write from books It is already paid, but still cheap you can buy a print book, download it electronically, listen to the audio version. Some colleagues believe that books have everything.

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This is not entirely true. Yes, there are very useful books detail, easy to understand, with many examples. But if we talk about writing articles for the Internet, then there are quite a few such books iting books doesn’t matter in order to have List of US Mobile Phone Numbers something to it, you first ne to write. Books on journalism are useful, but genres of journalism must be largely adapt to the specifics of the Internet. Consequently, publications on the Internet are still waiting in the wings. Speaking of sales texts, great books for example.

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The works of Denis Kaplunov and Dmitry Kot usually contain material NOT for beginners. Most often, these are collections of tricks and tricks that will be useful to a practicing copywriter. But becoming a book copywriter is quite difficult there B to B Database is no systematic approach to acquiring skills. And most importantly you will not have someone who will lead you by the hand and point out your mistakes. If you misunderstood something, it will stay with you. Free copywriting course by Nadezhda Rayushkina and Inessa Shapovalova The training is a bit unusual all formats are involv.

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