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To create a business card, enter Google my business in the Google search engine and click on the first result that appears. Next, you’ll ne to sign in with the Google account you want to use for your business on Google Maps. A little digression will come in handy here. Perhaps your business will stay with you forever. However, it may be that you will sell it somay. Therefore, only use your business Google Account to manage your business listing on Google. A private account is to serve you after hours. If you don’t have a business account, you can easily create a Google account that will perform this function.

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The convenient, free Google listing wizard will guide you through the next steps. You can create a Google Maps profile for your business by answering questions and providing information about your business. To create a business profile on Google, you’ll ne Qatar Mobile Number List to provide your business name to be display on Google Maps, as well as your website address, phone number, and necessary contact information so that customers can contact you. It is also worth providing a physical address the location of your company, even if you do not provide your services stationary.

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Only then can the company be display in the form of a pin on Google Maps, then it will be easier for potential customers to find your business. The company’s business card in Google Maps will also have to be assign to the appropriate category, which B to B Database will increase its visibility for people interest in your industry. You can add a main category and sub categories. You will be able to manage all information publish in the business card in the Google My Business panel. After adding your business to Google Maps, you still ne to verify your business.

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