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However, it is necessary to be moderate in theory if it is a practical area such as programming. Especially at the beginning. However, a huge number of beginners make the same mistake they try to delve into the theory from the very first steps. They read books and lectures on Java, watch videos in the hope that it will be much easier to write programs later. But the fact is that this will not happen practical activity is truly known only in practice. It’s like hoping to learn how to swim or skate, especially by reading books on swimming and ice skating.

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So tip number one is to gradually build your knowlge base with theory and focus on practical exercises. If all study time is, then approximately of this time should be devot to practice. When you start learning, don’t try to immiately understand all the Germany Mobile Number List intricacies of the programs you create read a little to learn about the syntax, and then write code again and again! You will learn along the way, and what you have learn through practice you will understand much deeper and faster. For those who study without a mentor, maintaining this balance is quite difficult.

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It is not clear to a novice developer where to take tasks from, which tasks are suitable for him. And which ones to take next. Also, who will check the correctness of the code or help if something is wrong? On the net, you can find good video courses or B to B Database sites with tasks in Java. One of the best courses is CodeGym because it achieves the above balance of practice orient and only theory orient. The course fully covers Java Core Java syntax, OOP, structures, multithreading, and solving many exercises. After solving all problems in CodeGym, you will have about hours of real programming experience.

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