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Griffin emphasizes that ” it refers to the additional activity of the company to contribute to increasing the level of prosperity in the environment.” What examples of activities can be mentione in this aspect? For example: philanthropic activities, supporting social and cultural organizations, or supporting political equality. What are the key activities in the areas of CSR The areas of CSR that can be introduce into the company’s policy will depend on its nature. Those tailore to the company’s realities and key competences are better than universal or fashionable at the moment.

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Combining the company’s main area of ​​operation and its values ​​with social responsibility allows you to identify areas of CSR that can be maintaine and develope in the long term. In this way, you can also use existing marketing communication phone number list channels , strengths and other resources that the company already has. It is worth identifying such areas of CSR that employees will be convince of. Key activities that may be part of such a strategy include launching a company foundation or supporting an existing one.

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Companies often create their own cultural or social initiatives (podcast, marathon, festival). In this way, they show commitment without disturbing the daily functioning of the organization. It can also be a commitment – reucing the use of plastic B to B Database in the office by 30 percent. or creating a vegetable garden on the roof of the building. Sometimes CSR is built on the example of a specific person, such as socially engage Bill Gates or a journalist known for her care for the environment, who is the founder of an ecological cosmetics brand. We recommend Crisis management CSR areas such as environmental protection or resource saving are often the result of process and technological improvements.

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