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See the profile of Salon Agata Meble in the Rating. Captain opinion catalogue. The entire report is available here. IKEA Targówek The huge number of reviews for the Ikea store and the average of put the company in class B on the trust board. In the case of the company, you can notice the regularity of new opinions, but also a constant average rating throughout the year. Unfortunately, Ikea does not respond to customer reviews that are display in the business card. Therefore, the first step that should be taken is to implement a feback response strategy.

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See the IKEA profile in the Rating Captain opinion catalogue. The entire report is available here. Black R White ul. Popularna The number of opinions and their average place the company in class C. Despite the lower rating, the store is rank fourth, and the Qatar Mobile Number List reason for this is the fact that as many as of customer opinions in the company’s business card receiv a response. What’s more, the average response time is only days. It is worth taking advantage of the fact that customers are willing to share longer opinions, as well as post photos of purchas products and implement a strategy for obtaining reviews.

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View Black R White profiles in the Rating. Captain review directory. The entire report is available here. DKwadrat pl Thanks to the high average and a large number of opinions, the store is in class B on the trust board. What’s more, the rating maintains B to B Database an upward trend, which bodes well for the future. The company responds to both positive and negative comments, but it is worth working on the response time. It will be a good idea to encourage customers to write reviews with text, by asking a few simple questions that will motivate them to write a few sentences and post photos.

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