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The second type are the so call bottom ups people close to your brand’s customers family, friends, peers with similar interests, whose opinion customers take into account when making purchasing decisions. User Generat Content types There are so many different types of user generat content. The mium that is often us is Instagram, but also, among others, TikTok or Facebook. Brands can use content from social mia platforms for marketing strategies. Internet users publish posts in social mia channels presenting a specific brand or product. They praise the service as expect. However, there are many ways to advertise your favorite brand.

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Below are some examples using UGC. Video The currently popular form of presenting content. In a shorter or longer form, video has taken over most social mia. Videos, reels, stories, vlogs, brand image content in general, containing a logo or a given product are a great way to increase organic traffic on the company’s website and allow you to more Exit Mobile Phone Numbers often search for a business on Google. Live live broadcasts An increasingly us option among, above all, influencers. Lives are currently available on each of the platforms. Social users promote brands that they consider worth recommending during live broadcasts and enable commenting and discussion directly under the live broadcast.

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Posts The primary type of user generat content and the most widespread. Any photos, graphics, infographics publish by Internet users on their private social mia accounts. Products in use are often shown. It is definitely worth using B to B Database them in your content marketing strategy. Reviews Comments or consumer opinions encouraging to try a given product. Personal experiences and interactions with the brand. They appear on fanpages, Google business cards, but also on opinion forming websites, ceneo or social mia channels. A very authentic form of UGC.

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