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Are these people confus by the exorbitant cost of the ucational program. In large schools, courses in Yandex Direct are sold for, thousand rubles, but people still buy them. Few people think that for such a price you can study individually with. Some good specialist and not pay an unknown person for a useless streaming workout. I am already silent about the complex formation. Of the profession Internet marketer. The price of which can reach up to thousand rubles. And if suddenly there is no such money, then polite teachers will offer to take a loan and pay only, rubles a month.

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Everything is extremely simple, there would be a desire. Separately, I want to note that completing the Yandex. Direct course in an online school can take a whole year, or even more. And the logic of the organizers is clear to me. If you say Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List everything in a month and ask for a hundr thousand, hardly anyone will agree. Well, if you extend the course for a year, promise to provide clients, and showcase a couple of successful millionaire students, then you don’t mind paying a hundr square feet. By the way, the topic of promises and lies can be mov to a separate topic.

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Contextual advertising PRO Netology rubles course from month Start November. Duration months, lessons per week Format online webinars are held, dz is check, there is a chat of cadets Opportunities help in finding a job B to B Database writing a resume and interview Course on netology ru Course program module Introduction to contextual advertising This module is intend for a general introduction to the course and contextual advertising materials for a more comfortable next step. Let’s find out what contextual advertising is. Let’s briefly discuss contextual advertising systems Direct and Advertising.

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