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KS MIS is an integrat hospital management system providing tools for efficient collection, secure data storage and documentation management. In addition, it allows you to manage costs, benefits and micines in one system electronic flow of information, pharma coeconomics, registration of mical services, management of the patient’s stay in the hospital. In turn, KS SOM is suitable for managing a clinic. The system allows you to register patients, keep mical records, as well as financial settlements with the National Health Fund, private patients and other institutions.

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In addition, the software enables the operation of all specialist doctor’s offices and gives access to the HR and payroll, financial and accounting, warehouse, fix assets, etc subsystems. Mica mMica is a software for clinics that allows you to collect mical data, improve patient service and work organization, as well as settle accounts with the Shandong Mobile Phone Number List National Health Fund. mMica offers solutions tailor to the user’s nes, which have been divid into modules depending on the size of the clinic. Packages creat for small and larger clinics are mMica Standard and mMica Standard. The mMica Standard version streamlines and spes up the patient service process at every stage.

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The module enables full management of patient records including treatment history, permanent mications, issuing prescriptions and referrals. The module also guarantees comprehensive support for POZ declarations and has all the necessary functions necessary for settlements with the National Health Fund. mMica Standard also includes B to B Database an intuitive mechanism for planning patient visits mMica Standard is an extension of the Standard module with additional functionalities that enable the program to be adapt to individual nes and improve the comfort of the doctor’s work. In addition, the module supports the creation and printing of referrals to a sanatorium, orders for a nurse midwife, mical certificates or recommendations regarding rehabilitation equipment.

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