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You can study design and provide services as a freelancer, or you can increase your income by working as an SMM manager and offering additional design services to your clients. WebPromoExperts Instagram promotion lessons WebPromoExperts invites users to learn from them how to advertise their account. The course is suitable for those people who are significantly limit in their means. You can learn how to promote your page. There are free tools for this creation of material in the form of photographs and drawings develop a content creation scheme using hashtags to promote the page create interesting stories for participation in the project various them shows.

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By the way, if the user does not have their own Instagram page, then this set of activities is ideal for starting from scratch. The cost of the course is rubles or for. PRO quality online learning Target advertising on Facebook and Instagram from City Business School Who is it for? Targetologists, smm specialists and those who want to work Qatar Mobile Number List with Instagram traffic. What will you know? How to manage your Facebook ad account and plan Instagram campaigns. Preparation of content for advertising, selection of optimization goals. Analysis of efficiency and optimization of indicators.

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How is the training organiz? thematic blocks with access to course materials for months. In addition to video tutorials, there are step by step assignments, interactive assignments, checklists, and access to chat with other students. Course creator. Authoriz online learning school City Business School. They teach MBAs and create refresher courses. Price B to B Database From rub Instagram for a Million Instagram from Dmitry Schukin Dmitry Schukin reveals the secrets of making a million on Instagram. This person is a true professional on Instagram in the field of entrepreneurship. Each user has their own account. Dmitry is in dialogue with everyone using the online broadcast system.

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